WEETABIX cake? You cannot be serious?

Yes I am!

I read an interesting article the other day about Brexit, scaremongering us over ‘’food supply price hikes’’ into stockpiling our kitchen cupboards, which some of us will find it hard to swallow.

So do I need to buy additional shelving for the garage, fill up my chest freezer with meat or hoard Kit-Cat chocolate biscuits under my bed now?

In the 1940s Britain fed itself, a reminder what an essential part of the battle on the Home Front we used to have.

Ration books for meat, butter and eggs, Dig for Victory and grow your own vegetables in the back garden.

These were the days make-do-and-mend to repair our clothing rather than replace it.

Brits were ‘in it’ altogether, doing our bit to fight the war from home.

A good thing might emerge from Brexit if we do decide to leave: we could become healthier and educated, seeing nutritional, frugal meals being put back on the table at teatime.

The price of croissants may go up, it could be more difficult to get hold of our much-loved Greek yogurt, or German rye bread, and we may have to look further afield for breakfast inspiration.

So perhaps Weetabix is to be greatly applauded for getting ahead of the game with its very British wholegrain breakfast biscuits.

They are a fairly Brexit-proof product made with home-grown wheat, grown within 50 miles of the factory.

There are a useful thing to keep in the Brexit bunker for the moment of departure, after all, nothing cheers you up after a hard Brexit like a hearty breakfast.

So, in the interests of being prepared, I have a fantastic test-run easy recipe for you to try out a satisfyingly stodgy bog of nostalgic magic.

Weetabix is a true British pleasure, being possibly made with the driest substance ever to come out of this damp island we live on.

But somehow Weetabix tastes grand, especially sliced up with butter and a cup of Yorkshire tea.

The recipe can easily be tinkered with, reduced sugar being an ideal substitute to use if you are watching your weight or cannot find any sugar in the shops come the days of April.

So finally... Keep Calm And Carry On. Come on Britain, we can get through this together!