SOUTH Craven residents are being urged to park their cars where they will not obstruct gritters on the winter roads.

North Yorkshire County Council issued the request as road gritting got fully under way with night-time temperatures often falling below zero.

The £7 million winter maintenance budget will see 54 per cent of roads gritted in a county that has one of England’s largest and in places most remote road networks.

The council said it was aware on-street parking would be present on some gritting routes, but on narrow roads and streets it asked drivers to park considerately to allow gritters to pass unobstructed.

County councillor Don Mackenzie, executive member for highways, said: “So far this year two routes have been partially affected because the gritter wagon couldn’t get through, which is not only dangerous for motorists having to drive on untreated roads but, if our vehicle couldn’t get through, then fire engines or ambulances would also have the same problem.

Information on gritting routes, road cameras, maps and videos explaining the council’s operations can be found at