A STEETON firm has given a new lease of life to a woman who was struggling to get around her home.

Emily Binks, 72, was having to crawl up her stairs on all fours after an unsuccessful knee replacement operation.

But Acorn Stairlifts stepped in to help, through an ongoing partnership with Marie Curie.

The Station Road firm donated a stairlift and installed it at Emily's Edinburgh home.

"I have no fear going up the stairs now – it’s completely changed our lives," said Emily, who previously had to rely on assistance from husband Michael.

"Before the stairlift was fitted I had to face unendurable pain to climb the stairs – and then take one step at a time to get down.

"Michael would have the exhausting task of helping me up the stairs before he left the house – meaning we always had to plan and think ahead. It was so restricting and took away much of our freedom."

Emily, who was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2002, avoided using the stairs wherever possible.

Nick Wilson, operations director at Acorn Stairlifts, said the company was delighted to help.

"Stories like Emily’s are the exact reason we partnered with Marie Curie," he added.

"We aim to change lives by installing 60 stairlifts a year for patients.

"We’re so pleased to be supporting the transformative work already undertaken by Marie Curie through our pioneering partnership."

Hannah Harding, senior corporate account manager at Marie Curie, said the charity was "thrilled" at the difference being made to people's lives.

"It is so rewarding to see the relief stairlifts provide for patients' loved ones too," she added.