START this walk from the centre of Lothersdale.

Leave by an access road almost opposite the pub into a mill yard.

Head through between houses and mill.

Before the end take an access road right between further houses and mill, and over a footbridge beneath the chimney.

A path heads downstream with Leys Beck, through a kissing-gate.

Ignoring a footbridge/ford, advance to the end where a sidestream footbridge accesses a corner stile.

Rise right up the bank, meeting a wall to lead to a corner stile.

The enclosed path heading away is rapidly left at a wall-stile on the left.

From one behind it descend the field, bearing right through a wall-stile and down to another. Descend the bank to a footbridge on the beck.

Across, rise right up the field to ascend outside a tree-lined stream, a forming wall leading to a gateway at the top.

Bear right to a wall rising to a gate, above which is a road.

Turn right to a crossroads then left, climbing before easing out.

Reaching a distinct bend right, take a stile/gate on the left.

Cross the field to an outer corner, then follow the wall along the top to a corner stile onto a farm road.

Turn left, quickly swinging right to drop to Tow Top Farm. Keep left on a grassy walled way dropping to a stream.

Rise away to a gate/stile, from where a path traces the right-hand wall.

When it bends right the path does likewise, rising to a gate/stile at the end. Now rise to a gate/stile onto a road.

Head up Hewitt’s farm road opposite, and when it goes left keep straight up (gate/stile).

A grassy way broadens into a field, then up the left-hand wallside to a stile onto Elslack Moor.

A path ascends the wallside on your left, then runs left with it before breaking free at another corner to rise gradually to Pinhaw.

Pinhaw has a trig point and cairn at 1273ft/388m boasting an extensive panorama.

Two departing paths quickly merge to run to a wall corner. A contrastingly thin path runs left with the wall.

Curve left above a wall corner to a stile off the moor.

Bear left to a fence-stile below, then left above a wood corner to a gate/stile into a field.

Slant diagonally down to a gate/stile near the bottom corner. Descend the wallside to a stile onto Calf Edge Farm drive.

Go left to a junction, keeping right to drop onto a road. Go left, and over a stream turn right down a short drive to Knott Farm.

A short track curves left to the front of the house, then from the left-hand gate a grassy track runs on with a left-hand wall.

After a second field it swings right to a corner gateway. Head straight down the wallside, with a millpond below.

At the bottom corner take a wall-stile in front.

Drop to another stile and a small bridge over the outflow onto the road.

Go left to finish.