A NEW community defibrillator has been installed in Highfield to help victims of medical emergencies.

The device is on the outside of Highfield Community Centre, Drewry Road. Fundraising to buy the defibrillator was done by Councillor Amjid Ahmed, of Keighley Town Council's Highfield Ward.

He explained: "The nearest defibrillators to Highfield and surrounding areas were at the old police station at the bottom of Spencer Street and at the Farfield Group Surgery at the bottom of West Lane.

"I decided to see how much it would cost to install a defibrillator locally where it would be easily accessible for many people."

He said he was advised equipment and training would cost £1,600 to £1,700. Realising he would need to raise the necessary cash himself, Cllr Ahmed said: "I told family and friends what I was doing, how much it would cost and the benefits this would bring to local communities.

"I was very fortunate to have supportive family and friends living locally. Everyone I spoke to felt this would be a good piece of equipment to have.

"It took around eight weeks to raise the money. All of it was raised through my family, friends and generous businesses within Highfield.

"I'm happy to say the defibrillator has been purchased and installed outside Highfield Community Centre, at the side of the main entrance. It is available to all the community if the need arises.

"Thank you to my family and friends as well as all the businesses in Highfield which helped.

"If anyone needs any help or information with regards to installing a community defibrillator, they can e-mail cllr.aahmed@keighley.gov.uk to get in touch with me."