WATER way to keep the Scouts happy!

Members of the 8th Keighley/Cross Roads troop have been given a hosepipe for their allotment.

Joe Bairstow, manager with a local construction firm, made the donation after hearing about the youngsters’ efforts to grow pumpkins.

The Scouts created the allotment in 2013 on land donated by Yorkshire Cat Rescue after the youngsters did voluntary work at the charity’s Cross Roads shelter.

Assistant Scout leader Sarah Hemsley said: “We were offered some land which we could do anything with as long as we didn't build on it.

“It was originally an allotment but hadn't been used for years, and in 2013 it was full of nettles, brambles and weeds.

“Scouts and leaders spent a lot of time modernising the land over the years, and raised it with a border of sleepers to make a lawn and step area for tables.

“Our main plant is pumpkins so the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts had something to take home at the end of the year. We also grow strawberries, blue and red berries, gooseberries, raspberries, potatoes and apples.

“This year we grew approximately 80 pumpkins – orange, white, wart, green and mixed squash – but due to the hot summer there were only about ten pumpkins worth the Scouts taking home to carve.”

Sarah later discovered that pumpkins needed a lot more water during a hot summer, but the Scouts had just 10 water carrier bottles which took almost two hours to use and refill.

In order to raise money for a hosepipe, the Scouts organised a trick or treating event on Halloween night.

After receiving a trick-or-treat gift, Joel and his family visited Sarah with a thank you card and learned about the need for a hosepipe. Joel also offered extra help for the allotment land.

Sarah said: “The hosepipe and carrier donated by Joel’s company will make things much easier for us to water pumpkins next year, and hopefully they will grow much bigger. Watering will be done much quicker in summer.”