A CROSS Roads-based author who fundraises for people affected by a serious spinal disorder has received a £100 donation towards this cause.

Volunteers and trustees at Denholme Community Library presented the sum to Carol Fellingham Webb. The cash is being passed to the charity Scoliosis Association UK, which supports people with the condition.

Under the pen name Alex Marchant, Ms Fellingham Webb writes children's history books focusing on the life and times of King Richard III, who himself suffered from Scoliosis.

She has recently edited a new anthology of works on this monarch, called "Grant Me the Carving of My Name".

She said: "I was invited along to Denholme Community Library to accept the donation as a result of putting the anthology together.

"Annette Bell, library co-ordinator, is retiring in December along with several of her colleagues, and to mark the event the volunteers and trustees of the library donated a fabulous £100 to Scoliosis Association UK, the charity I'd nominated.

"It really is incredibly generous and kind of them to ask me to make the choice of charity. Annette kindly invited me to talk about my books at the library back in September, and with the publication of the anthology she now has all three books on the library shelves.

"I'd like to offer my sincere thanks to the volunteers and trustees for their generous gift. It really made my day."