A VETERAN Keighley community campaigner was given a standing ovation by members of Keighley Town Council.

Charlie Bhowmick was praised for his decades of activism, after he presented a copy of his recently published autobiography to the town council at its latest meeting. Mayor Cllr Fulzar Ahmed accepted the book – "From Calcutta to Keighley" – on behalf of the town council.

Speaking in Keighley Town Hall chamber, Mr Bhowmick said he had many happy memories of this place, dating from the 32 years he spent working in the council planning department.

And he reminded councillors that he was one of the early supporters of the campaign to provide Keighley with its own town council in the years leading up to its formation in 2002.

"My memoirs demonstrate what can be achieved when the public, businesses, government and third sector organisations work together," he added. "You cannot do anything worthwhile on your own.

"The people of Keighley welcomed me when I first came here and made me feel proud of the community.

"In return I've worked hard to raise money for charity and to help the town feel a sense of pride. My journey through life has been very rewarding and I sincerely hope I've left my mark on Keighley."

He said the October 27 launch of his autobiography had initially raised £880 for Yorkshire Cancer Research, but added that since the launch evening this total had swelled to £1,200.

Mr Bhowmick, who has had his own battle against cancer, said his book is available to read for free at Keighley Library, but encouraged councillors to donate towards Yorkshire Cancer Research.