THE issue of Keighley Town Council's lack of representation on Bradford Council's Keighley Area Committee was again raised at a meeting of the town council.

The matter resurfaced after questions were voiced about district councillors failing to attend Keighley Town Council's meetings.

Town councillor John Kirby acknowledged and thanked those district councillors who do attend, but said he did not know why most of their colleagues were staying away.

Cllr Anayat Mohammad suggested one solution could be to arrange dedicated meetings between town and district councillors to build better relations and understanding.

Cllr Amjad Zaman said he felt relations between town and district councillors were good at an individual level.

But he asked what could be done to secure the town council a place on the Keighley Area Committee, which allocates local budgets and grants and makes decisions on how key public services are delivered in Keighley district.

Cllr Brian Morris replied that he asked this question during his own time as a Bradford district councillor, but was told the issue was complicated by town and district councillors being governed by different constitutions.

"Also, if they give Keighley Town Council a seat on that committee, they'd have to give every other town and parish council [in Bradford district] a seat," he said.