KEIGHLEY school pupils are due to put their technical skills to the test by taking part in the First Lego League competition at Bradford University.

A group of eight members of Beckfoot Oakbank's Science Club have been challenged to design and build a robot capable of carrying out a number of tasks.

The contest in Bradford takes place next Wednesday. (Dec 12)

Senior technician at Beckfoot Oakbank, Cheryl Moore, said: "This is a worldwide competition that mixes Lego, robotics and a yearly theme.

"This year the theme is space-based and all our robotic tasks are based on jobs that may have to be carried out in space. Our project brief was 'How can we support human life in space?'

"Our wonderful pupils decided to concentrate on the importance of mental health in space, so we've designed a reward chart for astronauts to enhance their mental well being in space.

"There is also a teamwork element to the competition, where our pupils have an unknown challenge set and must work together to solve it."

The Beckfoot Oakbank pupils have been supervised by Ms Moore and teacher Michael McCann.

The contest involves about 20 schools and if the Keighley school is successful it will progress to the national finals in Bristol.

Ms Moore added: "We take part in the contest each year and we've won it four times. Our pupils have put a lot of hard work and energy into it."