THE PIED Piper Pre-School in Silsden is good in all areas, say Ofsted inspectors.

During an autumn visit they branded the facility at St James’s Church Hall, Kirkgate, as safe, stimulating and accessible.

Staff were praised for encouraging the children, giving them a sense of belonging and promoting their emotional well-being.

In their first inspection in four years, Ofsted gave a Good classification for: effectiveness of leadership and management; quality of teaching, learning and assessment; personal development, behaviour and welfare; and outcomes for children.

The watchdog said staff fulfilled their roles and responsibilities well because they were supported effectively by the committee and manager.

They said: “Children enter happily and are familiar with the daily routine. Staff help children to have a sense of belonging.

“Staff set up a good variety of activities in a safe, stimulating and accessible environment. Children are keen to explore, and become independent learners.”

Staff, who have a secure knowledge of child protection issues, were praised for working well together to help children progress in learning, in consultation with parents and others.

The inspectors added: “Staff are good role models and praise and encourage children. The children behave well and build friendships as they play collaboratively during activities.

“Staff promote children’s emotional well-being. For example, they work in close consultation with parents to ensure good settling-in arrangements.”

The inspectors picked up on two issues that had stopped the Pied Piper Preschool being classed as Outstanding.

They also said: “Staff do not always recognise when the youngest child may require greater levels of support to develop independence skills during the daily care routines.

“Occasionally, staff do not consider how two-year-old children can be fully involved in taking part in group activities.”

Jane Hitchcock said staff were delighted the Ofsted inspector recognised the high quality of early education divided at Pied Piper Pre-School.

She said: “We are keen to ensure that we provide great opportunities for all the children to develop essential skills that will put them in good stead as they continue their learning journeys at primary school.

“Early education has such a vital role to play in building the foundations of life-long learning, and this was commented on by the inspector in her report as she wrote about how the children make good progress, become independent learners and are well prepared for going to school.”