AN AUTHOR living in one of the Brontës’ most beloved villages has written a book taking readers into the mind of Emily.

John Eames set out to capture the Wuthering Heights author’s self-perception and preoccupations in his short publication.

Top Withins Or Emily Brontë And How Not To Be it’s the second piece of creative writing by John that explores the thinking of a Brontë sister.

In his last work, Wycoller’s Bridges, he had Charlotte contemplating the central issues of her novel Jane Eyre while criss-crossing the village’s beck on her regular walks.

John himself lives in Wycoller, over the Pennine Moors from Haworth towards Colne, and his home looks out on the ruins of Wycoller Hall, reputedly the inspiration for Ferndean Manor in Jane Eyre.

After publishing Wycoller’s Bridges earlier in 2018, Jon decided to write a companion volume on Emily Brontë.

John said the latest volume was more of a challenge, mainly because Emily was so inward, but he wanted to see how her self-perception and preoccupations inspired some aspects of Wuthering Heights.

The publisher said: “Moving on from Emily’s close bond with the landscape of the moor, John evokes the intense and regulated atmosphere of the Parsonage in Haworth, gripped between the wilderness of the moor on one side and the mournful graveyard on the other.

“Within, the Parsonage is a cauldron of creativity, from the early ‘bed plays’ to the great novels which were to immortalise the sisters.

“The book represents some of the tensions which arose in this context, particularly the conflict following Emily’s discovery of Charlotte reading the poems.”

John’s latest book is illustrated by artist Nicola Dennis.

Either of the books costs £3 from the Craft Centre/Tea Room in Wycoller, the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth, or by visiting the website