START this walk to Sutton Clough from the centre of the village.

From the junction outside the park, with the Black Bull to your right, follow High Street left.

Keep left to a fork before the beck, and as West Lane goes right, take unsigned Hall Drive ahead.

Through an arch and beyond houses, a footbridge takes the broad way into wooded Sutton Clough.

Keep on the main way with Lumb Clough Beck on your right, passing arched bridge, footbridge and concrete bridge before crossing a tiny footbridge.

Ignoring the firmer path rising right, a path traces the opposite bank upstream to a confluence, then begins to climb between boulders.

The path remains near the beck until it turns to climb steeply away.

Here leave it,and advance a few strides to the stream before crossing to the opposite bank.

A few strides further upstream, a path doubles back left up the slope to a stile out of the clough.

Turn right up the field towards Wood Top Farm.

From a stile to its left, an enclosed path curves left outside the grounds to a stile by a hut.

Descend the wallside to a stile on the left to a wooded sidestream. Fifty yards downstream a less obvious, part-stepped path drops to cross the beck, and on a short way to a stile back out.

Contour round the sloping field to a stile with steps down the other side.

Rise through hollies to a stile at the top, then up the wallside to stiles onto an access road. Go left through the farm out onto a road.

Cross to Long House, behind which a walled way leads out into a field. Cross to a gate, and pass beneath a tiny hut to a stile in the facing wall.

Advance through rougher pasture to a far corner stile, then rise left to a gate into Valley Farm.

Pass through the gate and out the other side of the farm via a gate onto a walled green way. Emerging into a field cross to a stile right of some masts, and on to bridle-gates through trees.

Advance through a gate ahead, then bear right to a corner gate onto Summer House’s driveway.

Go left on the long, declining drive.

Just before a bend where it becomes surfaced, a gate on the left sends a wallside track dropping away.

An enclosed section leads down into colourful country. The path slants down above old quarries, and curves down the other side.

Becoming a track then an access road, the path then descends to the main road in Eastburn. Using a pedestrian crossing, go left a few strides to escape down Green Lane.

At the bottom of the laneturn left on Lyon Road to rejoin the main road. Cross and go right, leaving by a path after bridging Holme Beck.

The path shadows the beck upstream all the way back to Sutton. Joining the road at a bridge, turn left to conclude through the park.