HOUSEHOLDERS across Keighley are being urged not to put used hypodermic needles and other hazardous materials into their recycling or general waste bins.

The plea has been issued by Bradford Council which warns that even when sharp objects are enclosed in other containers, they burst during the compacting process and cause a “risk of serious harm” to recycling sorting staff.

“We really don’t want needles in our recycling bins,” said Councillor Sarah Ferriby, executive member for healthy people and places.

“They should be disposed of in the proper containers and returned to where they came from so they can be destroyed without causing risk to anyone.

“Recycling collection and sorting staff have a very challenging job to do without having to put up with serious risks to their health from items which should not be in the recycling stream.”

Patients who need to use needles regularly are provided with a specific ‘sharps’ box to collect them after use, before returning them.

If needles cannot be returned to a health facility, they may be disposed of at council household waste recycling centres. Staff will direct people to the hazardous waste bins.