POLICE recorded 51 cases of residential burglaries and 15 attempted burglaries in Keighley and Ilkley last month. (January)

The figures, which include raids on garages, are featured this month in West Yorkshire Police’s Keighley team newsletter.

The same report notes: “Eleven of these burglaries were via an unlocked door or window and seven were by snapping of the Euro Profile lock.

“On one occasion the suspects hooked the car keys through the cat flap and made off with the car.”

Over the same period there were 25 thefts from vehicles across Keighley and Ilkley reported to police, as well as 15 thefts of vehicles.

Other offences dealt with by police officers included a drugs warrant conducted in Braithwaite at the end of January, which involved a man being arrested on suspicion of dealing in cannabis.

The newsletter has the latest statistics for the police’s crackdown against dangerous and irresponsible driving in Keighley.

The figures for Operation Steerside last month include a total of 96 tickets issued to drivers, eight vehicles seized for being uninsured, 37 prosecutions for failure to wear a seatbelt, 24 people prosecuted for speeding and eight vehicles found to have no MOT.

West Yorkshire Police also recorded four vehicle light related offences, eight cases of a mobile phone being used at the wheel, recovered two stolen cars and issued four antisocial driving warnings.