IAN Dewhirst was a man of many gifts and tireless endeavours who brought to life voices that would otherwise be forgotten.

He had a lifelong passion for local history, and through thousands of talks and the written word shared his humility and wonder of the unchanging human heart.

A highly skilled orator, he could make his audience laugh and cry in equal measure, and people travelled from afar to hear him.

One memorable talk lasted five hours, and his audience was with him all the way!

Ian was a keen and energetic hiker, leading walks for the now disbanded Keighley Holiday Fellowship. He relished challenges such as the Fellsman Hike, and once fainted in a telephone box after a gruelling 60-mile walk from Keighley to the sea!

A good and loyal friend, Ian had time and patience for people. He was a great support and mentor and could see the best in people.

Ian believed in immortality, in leaving something behind when you are gone.

Ian, you will live on through your talks and articles, and how the very man you were inspired and enriched countless lives.