PLANS for a new bus depot in Keighley ignited opposition from businesses based near the proposed site.

Company bosses in Marriner Road lined up to challenge the application, submitted by the Transdev Blazefield group.

Stuart Booth, managing director of Allied Storage, said he was “furious” at a lack of formal notification of the plans, saying he only found out due to a Keighley News article.

He said the lack of notice made it look like an attempt to “railroad” the proposals through, before anyone could object.

“The plans are totally and utterly impractical,” he said. “This kind of development needs to be on the outskirts of Keighley, near the bypass.

“They are talking about 65 to 100 buses coming in and out four times a day at peak times. The traffic will gridlock the area.”

Marriner Road, off Worth Way, is a cul de sac for vehicles. There are homes located at the road’s southern end. Mr Booth said there are at least 14 or 15 businesses in Marriner Road, including firms which are tenants in his own premises.

Another objector, Stephen Meares, owner of neighbouring company S&J Civils, said: “This would strangle our businesses. The road isn’t designed for that amount of traffic.

“I appreciate they need to find a new home for the depot, but this isn’t the right place. There are plenty of other sites which could accommodate it.”

As of February 8, there were 10 objections on Bradford Council’s planning website, including opposition from the firms McGowan Signs Ltd and DM Haulage.

Responding to concerns over lack of notification, a Bradford Council spokesman said: “In line with national planning laws, we posted a notice close to the entrance to the site on Friday January 4, and we’ll check to see if this is still in place.

“If notices are removed and we are notified we’ll always replace them. To date we’ve received ten letters of objection from businesses and residents in Marriner Road and Worth Way, indicating a level of local knowledge of the application.

“The points raised in these letters will be carefully taken into account, along with all other material planning considerations.”

Transdev Blazefield runs bus services across northern England, including The Keighley Bus Company.

A design statement for the depot plans, presented by Michael Ainsworth Design Partnership, explains the application is for underused land within an established commercial area.

It notes the development would use the existing structure on site for bus maintenance and office accommodation and would not require any new buildings.

The statement explains: “The site is within a short distance of major bus routes and road network, confirming the land as a sustainable location.”

The application is now being considered by Bradford Council planning officers.

Speaking in support of the application, Keighley Central councillor Khadim Hussain said: “Transdev has 275 employees and this site would not only safeguard those jobs but potentially create more employment.

“Of course local businesses have concerns, but I understand this depot would cause minimal disruption, as it would mostly operate in the early hours of the morning and later at night.”