COMEDIAN Dave Spikey has fulfilled the dream of a lifelong Keighley man in the final stages of his life.

Dave has sent his autobiography, a personal letter and several postcards to bed-bound Barry Fortune at his home in Hillworth Village.

Big-hearted Dave linked up with Barry after an approach from the octogenarian’s grandson Christopher Smeaton.

The pair have been long-time fans of Dave’s stand-up act, since his days writing and performing TV comedy series Phoenix Nights with comedy king Peter Kay.

Christopher said his grandfather is a well-liked and well-known man in the Keighley area, after living in Broomhill, Oakworth and Haworth during his life.

Christopher said: “Unfortunately 18 months ago he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and is now in the final stages of his life. He is bed-bound and very weak and is only able to stay awake for an hour or two a day.

“I wanted to try and do something positive for him in his last stage before he passed way. I emailed Mr Spikey’s management company to express my gratitude for him bringing so much joy to my grandad and myself, and that we have been able to share so many laughs together.

“Mr Spikey almost immediately responded by email thanking me for contacting him, then obtained my grandad’s address and wrote him a lovely letter and sent a copy of his autobiography.”

“My grandfather hopes people may learn that such a small and kind gesture can bring about so much joy and positivity where it is often lacking.”

Christopher said Dave Spikey and Peter Kay had used the Keighley area as part of the plot in one of their Phoenix Nights episodes, where Keighley men got into a comedic Wild West-style altercation with their Preston-based cowboy counterparts.”

Barry Fortune, 82, was brought up in Thwaites Village and attended Parkwood School before training as an apprentice motor mechanic in Keighley with Burgess’s Ford dealership.

Had a milk round for several years before moving into the haulage trade, becoming a self-employed operator of a mobile concrete mixer then later his own a tipper lorry.

Throughout his life Barry has been passionate about classic cars, owning a Buick before his marriage.

He moved to Hillworth Village, on Oakworth Road, about 15 years ago where he met his current partner, neighbour Nora.

Barry’s daughter Anne Ashworth said: “My dad is always very positive, he always looks for the good in people and would always help them.”