WHO remembers cornflake tart?

It will have you floating down memory lane in no-time - minus the fighting over the best box in the cereal variety pack!

Cornflake tart was a standard 1970s primary school dinner favourite before Jamie Oliver happened. A healthy dose of sugar, which fuelled plenty of break-dancing on the school yard, having you hyperactive and foaming at the mouth by the time mum picked you up at the school gate.

Those were the days, and there’s not a lot that’s healthy about it, but for nostalgia’s sake I wanted to recreate this pudding again without the pink custard.

So if you’re not sure what cornflake tart is, as you may not have been one of the packed-lunch kids, I’ll give you a quick rundown.

It’s a sweet pastry case spread with lots of jam, usually strawberry and topped with sweet syrupy cornflakes stirred throughout them.

But don’t be intimidated by the thoughts of making pastry at home, simply buy a block from the supermarket and pass it off as your own as it’s good enough for the Master Chef guys.

I have fond memories of school dinners, and don’t get me wrong, from a nutritional standpoint they’re definitely better: back then we were all eating healthy balanced meals, a little boring in my view, but there were plenty of empty plates (cheers Jamie Oliver!).

I did hate liver and onions and overcooked mince served with cabbage and murky gravy.

The chips were always proper hand-cooked, and my favourite when served with spam fritters or fish fingers. They were always followed by good puddings and pink custard.

I always looked forward to the cornflake tart served from huge rectangle metal dishes and cut into squares.

I would always ask for a corner piece if there was one going, because you got more pastry and they tended to be bigger portions.

Today I look back on those school dinners with such fondness. The anticipation as we entered the school dining hall was always high – what sweet treats awaited us?

I can highly recommend spending the afternoon in the kitchen reliving a bit of your childhood – recreating a little bit of your school days for a playful wind-down dessert after Turkey Twizzlers lunch maybe?

Was that the school bell I heard for dinnertime…?