A DYNAMIC new play about revolutionary theatre director Joan Littlewood can be seen in Keighley on Wednesday, March 20.

The drama explores the relationship between Littlewood and her one-time husband and partner Jimmy Miller, aka Ewan MacColl.

The musical production, entitled Joan and Jimmy, will be staged at Central Hall in Alice Street at7.30pm.

The show was created by writer Jim Woodland and director Mike Bettison, of rural touring organisation Blaize.

Blaize specialises in taking high-quality theatre, music, dance and comedy to small village venues across the North, continuing a tradition first established by Littlewood more than 60 years ago.

A spokesman said: “Dubbed ‘The Mother of Modern Theatre’, Littlewood devoted her life to community theatre, making it her mission to ensure the art form was more accessible to the people of the north in the 1950s and 1960s.

“Joan and Jimmy will tell the story of her life and that of Jimmy Miller as they stood among the rubble of 1945 post-war Britain.

Jimmy had changed his name to Ewan MacColl and both embarked on a career in radical political theatre, performing one-night stands across the North of England. This was an early form of rural touring.

The play is aimed at ages 12 and above. Call 01535 670717 to book tickets for Joan and Jimmy.