A HISTORIC charity has cash to give away.

The Harehills Foundation Trust, established in 1744, provides grants to students.

The charity was started when Sarah Heaton left £200 to provide free education in English and Latin for children from the Oakworth, Newsholme and Slippery Ford area.

The qualification has been relaxed to cover anything related to education, such as helping with school trips or buying books for mature students, but it still only applies to people living in the former Oakworth Urban District Council area.

The original legacy was used to buy an estate at White Hill, Newsholme, and then with help from public subscription a school was built near Oakworth. The school was rebuilt in 1841 and within three years was flourishing, with up to 60 children.

But over the next 20 years it deteriorated. By 1886 there were only eight scholars, debts had accumulated and the buildings on the White Hill estate were dilapidated. The school and subsequently the estate were sold and since then the money has been invested.

Anyone wishing to apply for a grant should write to the trust clerk, c/o Oakworth Primary School, Station Road, Oakworth BD22 7JU, by April 26.