SECONDS out as former Keighley man Nick Ahad’s play about wrestling returns to West Yorkshire.

Glory delves into the larger-than-life world of British wrestling to grapple with identity and race in multicultural Britain.

Nick, a BBC Radio Leeds presenter, penned the drama after achieving success with the plays Partition and The Chef Show.

This time Nick teamed up with the Dukes Theatre in Lancaster and Red Ladder Theatre Company.

He explored the eccentric British sport – a Saturday afternoon TV staple during the 1970s – as it experienced a resurgence across the UK.

Glory is set in a decrepit gym in the north of England, the stage becoming a pop-up wrestling ring.

Faded star Jim ‘Glorious’ Glory and amateur wrestlers Dan, Ben and Sami confront their demons and each other, as their lives collide - inside and outside the wrestling ring.

The unique world that British wrestling inhabits provides a backdrop to Nick Ahad’s state-of-the-nation play, as it grapples with race, identity and what it means to be British today.

Nick said: “I used to watch wrestling when I was a little boy. I still remember the excitement of seeing Giant Haystacks fight Big Daddy at Victoria Hall in Keighley in the 1980s.

“But I thought British wrestling was a relic of the past. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Wrestling is alive, well - and as entertaining as ever.

“With larger than life characters and a combination of sport, performance, blood and sweat, it is pure theatre. It is also the perfect arena to explore the Britain we all share today. I can’t think of a better place for drama to play out than the inside of a wrestling ring.”

Glory is at the Albion Electric Warehouse, Leeds, for performances between April 1 and 6.

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