MANORLANDS has paid tribute to a boiler firm which leapt into action to help the hospice.

Clever Energy Boilers came to the rescue when ageing equipment used by counselling services at the Oxenhope building packed-up.

Within minutes of receiving an SOS from the hospice, an engineer was on site.

"The engineer confirmed our hunch that it was not economical to keep mending the old inefficient boiler," said Paul Calvert, director of Clever Energy Boilers.

"Within a day we had installed an efficient, new boiler at a considerably-subsidised price."

Andrew Wood, community fundraising manager at Manorlands, says counselling sessions are an invaluable part of the care provided at the hospice and the cold conditions caused by the boiler breakdown had posed problems.

He praised Clever Energy Boilers for its quick response.

He added: "It’s great that the large discount we received and the fact we now have an energy-efficient boiler means more of the funds people raise can be spent on the care we provide to people when it matters the most."