KEIGHLEY Town Council has been ordered to pay £12,119 to its former town clerk, who had claimed against the council for wrongful and unfair dismissal.

A hearing scheduled to last six days concluded at the end of last week, (April 5) with the tribunal’s judgement released on Monday. (April 8)

An employment judge had adjudicated on a claim brought by Safia Kauser, who was Keighley town clerk until her departure from the town council in March last year.

The judgement issued by Leeds Employment Tribunal states: “The respondent (Keighley Town Council) unfairly dismissed the claimant (Ms Safia Kauser) as conceded on the second day of the hearing.

“The respondent wrongfully dismissed the claimant.

“The claimant was not culpable of any conduct in respect of which it is just or equitable to reduce either the basic or the compensatory award.

“It is not just and equitable to reduce the compensatory award on the grounds that the claimant would or might have been fairly dismissed in any event.

“The claimant was not subject to detriments and less favourable treatment in respect of the late acknowledgement of her grievance, the failure to offer separation from those of who she had complained or offered paid time off, because of her race or sex.”

Keighley Town Council has been told to pay Ms Kauser a total of £5,313.87 for wrongful dismissal, £2,405.11 worth of outstanding holiday pay and £4,401 for unfair dismissal.

A calculation of a compensatory award to Ms Kauser has been postponed to a remedy hearing, which is due to take place on June 24.

Responding to the judgement on Monday, Ms Kauser said: “I am very pleased to be exonerated and have my name cleared by the tribunal.

“I would like to thank former councillor Ron Beale who supported me through a very difficult period to fight against an act of wrongdoing.

“Although I was offered my job back by the tribunal, which I declined, I ask the town council for a public apology for bringing my professional and personal reputation into question.”

A spokesman for Keighley Town Council said: “The town council will not make any comment at this stage on the judgement given to the Keighley News from the Leeds Employment Tribunal.

“There are still several matters to be considered, and the town council will make a full statement after the further hearing in June.”

Ms Kauser joined Keighley Town Council as an accounts and administration assistant in June 2009.

She was appointed responsible financial officer (RFO) in December 2014, temporary acting clerk in July 2015 then was confirmed as the permanent clerk in October 2015.

Since leaving Keighley Town Council she has taken up a post as clerk and RFO of a different local authority.