A MATERNITY open day has been held at Airedale Hospital to help explain this part of the health service to the public.

A spokesman for Airedale NHS Foundation Trust said the event, staged by the Maternity Department on April 6, was the second of its kind at Airedale and had been a "great success".

She added: "There was a fantastic array of information stalls, the chance to join in a 'Sling Swing' session and the opportunity to try out a maternity pack.

"Visitors were also given the chance to have a tour of the hospital's maternity facilities, some parent education taster sessions and could chat with some of the department's midwives."

Sarah Simpson, head of midwifery at Airedale, said: “A lot of hard work went into planning this fantastic event and I’m really proud to work with such an incredible team of midwives and midwifery staff who have done an amazing job.”