DEMONSTRATORS descended on an MP's office to protest over his opposition to reform the current sex and relationship curriculum.

The group, called Shipley Feminist Zealots, handed over a letter at Philip Davies' office after voicing their disappointment about Mr Davies voting against the changes in Parliament.

The reforms would allow primary and secondary age pupils to be taught about inclusivity and tolerance towards different types of relationships including Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Intersex (LGBTQi) in a non-judgemental environment with trained professionals.

However, Mr Davies, whose constituency includes Denholme and Cullingworth, disagrees with the group's view that parents should not be given the final say on whether or not their children should take part in the lessons.

He believes parents should maintain the right to remove their child from the lessons if they do not feel they are appropriate.

Protestors were urged to turn up to the "Love is Love" demonstration wearing something bright in a bid to send a powerful message to Mr Davies and "all who oppose teaching of inclusion, tolerance and love".

Aisha Ali-Khan, a campaigner from Keighley, member of SFZ and mother to a 15-year-old teen, said: "It is vital that we continue our fight to highlight the fact that our current legislation does not go far enough to equip our young people with the information or knowledge they need to make informed decisions about healthy relationships."

Jenny Wilson, another member of the group, added: "These reforms to statutory education are long overdue and have been welcomed by many organisations that have campaigned for education that can help reduce the levels of violence against women and protect children from Child Sexual Exploitation."

Mr Davies responded to the demonstrators, explaining why he did not back the vote: "I have no problem at all with LGBT education in schools, or the other issues which you mention," he said. "That is not why I opposed the measure.

"I am opposed to the restriction of the rights of parents to withdraw their children from sex and relationship education.

"You claim that parents still have the right to remove their children from all sex and relationship education.

"That is simply not the case and I am opposed to the restrictions on this parental right.

"I believe that parents should be able to decide what is age appropriate for their child to learn about in the area of sex and relationship education. That is why I opposed the measure.

"I appreciate from your letter that you want to entirely remove the right of parents to remove their children from sex and relationship education that they don’t believe is age appropriate for them.

"That is a perfectly respectable position to hold. It just happens to be one with which I disagree."