A FLAVOUR of Harry Potter's Hogwarts was brought to Oxenhope Primary School for a day, when children enjoyed a visit from some owls and falcons.

SMJ Falconry, which is also based in Oxenhope, brought the birds along, allowing pupils to get up close to some of nature’s most stunning creatures.

A spokesman for Oxenhope Primary said: "We used the experience to help our children understand how the animals survive and hunt, and also gave them information about the bird’s natural habitats.

"Our year three children said it was really fun, that they were interested to learn more about the birds and also said they'd never forget what it was like to hold the owl.

"They said it made them more keen on taking care of the natural world."

Head of school Alice Jones said: “It is important to make the curriculum come to life for our children.

"Providing these hands-on experiences helps them have a greater understanding of the subjects they are learning about.

"The writing the children produced after this experience was of high quality because it had a purpose.

"It is our duty as educators to make learning irresistible, and I feel hosting the visit by SMJ Falconry made that possible for our children."