HIGHFIELD volunteers hope to take over the neighbourhood’s Redcliffe Community Orchard.

They are inviting fellow residents to a meeting this month to set up a Friends group to look after the land.

The landowners, social landlord Incommunities, want to lease the land to such a community groups at a peppercorn rent.

Friends spokesman Kate Toch said the meeting would establish whether people were interested in the idea.

She said: “We’d need people to maintain the fences/gate, cut the grass, prune the trees, litter-pick, pick the fruit, and apply for funding so that we can buy the necessary equipment or employ people with specialist skills for one-off jobs.Then there’s the sharing, cooking, juicing and storing.”

The meeting will be at the Highfield Centre, Drewry Road, on April 25 from 1-2pm. Call 07512 183877 for further information.