THE credentials of the company behind plans for a Keighley waste to energy burner have been challenged in the House of Commons.

Keighley MP John Grogan called Endless Energy “cowboys” during a Westminster debate he tabled on regulation of waste incineration.

The firm hit back, accusing Mr Grogan of getting his facts wrong.

Mr Grogan reminded MPs the incinerator proposals, which have been passed by Bradford Council, are waiting on an Environment Agency operating permit decision.

He added: “There’s more concern because of the nature ​of the company involved – Endless Energy – which isn’t even a member of the trade association.

“It has two directors named by the Environment Agency. One of them, Rajinder Singh Chatha, was the controlling force behind Oddbins, which recently went into administration.

“A tax tribunal found he was: ‘intentionally misleading about some of the explicit lies the tribunal found were told to HMRC’.

“It decided he wasn’t a fit and proper person to be allowed to sell or distribute duty suspended alcohol. He’s not a fit and proper person to sell alcohol!

“Despite the pleadings of my hon Friend the Member for Huddersfield (MP Barry Sheerman) that this industry be given a fair chance, these people are cowboys.

“I’ll be writing to the chairman of the Environment Agency to ask how it can trust a man who the tax authorities say cannot be trusted.”

The Environment Agency is assessing Endless Energy’s proposals for the site off Marley Road, to determine whether an operating permit should be issued.

While acknowledging Bradford Council’s planning permission, Mr Grogan said: “It’s unusual to apply for planning permission and not apply at the same stage for an environmental permit.

“The application for an environmental permit bears little resemblance to the original planning application.

“Fifty per cent more waste is envisaged. There’s planning permission for 100,000 tonnes, and an extra 48,000 tonnes is now being added. The layout of the buildings and chimney stack has changed.

“The planning committee was told only residual waste in the form of refuse-derived fuel would be included.

“Now the Environment Agency is being told the facility will accept residual, commercial and industrial waste of a similar nature to unsorted municipal solid waste.”

Endless Energy’s spokesman responded: “Mr Grogan made a number of errors. He claims the waste to be treated at the plant has changed. This is incorrect.

“It’s the same waste – RDF commercial and industrial waste. One type of waste, not three as is inferred. “It’s the same waste as has been applied for in both the granted planning application and environmental permit.

“We’re committed to following the requirements of the Environment Agency.

“Mr Grogan claims the layout of the buildings and the chimney stack have changed between grant of planning and permitting. Again, totally incorrect. No change.

“Waste increase refers to the capacity of the plant chosen, not to the tonnage of waste that will be treated.

“Further, Mr Grogan attacks one of the directors as an unfit person to run an Energy From Waste plant.

“He concludes the Environment Agency should have the power to refuse a permit on the grounds this director lost at a tax tribunal, a case which brought against the authorities by the defendants.

“His misrepresentation should be addressed. The director cannot comment as the judgement referred to is the subject of an appeal.

“The judge granting the appeal stated, ‘I consider it is arguable that I’ve erred in law and there are realistic prospects of success on each ground of appeal.’ In these circumstances personal judgement should be reserved.

“Endless Energy will have no involvement in operating the plant. Our preferred accredited plant provider, CNIM, will fit and operate the plant.

“They’ve built more plants in the UK than any other provider, including many for local councils.”