A MOTHER and daughter from Haworth are celebrating finding and successfully following the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Ruby Henson, 25, said she was inspired by the example set by her mother, Vanessa Henson, 46.

The pair, who have lost over 90 pounds between them, have both been going to workshops run by WW - previously known as Weight Watchers.

Vanessa said she "hit rock bottom" before joining the health group. “I was prescribed pain killers and self-medicated on alcohol," she added.

She started attending classes at her nearby health workshop in January 2015, reaching her goal of 10st 6lbs in July that year. She said: “I love walking again. I can walk for miles now, plus I love dancing too. I feel 10 years younger."

Her daughter Ruby said her own weight gain began after she stopped breastfeeding her second child.

She explained she decided to join the WW Wellness Workshop her mother attends, starting in June 2018 when she weighed 11st 6lbs.

Ruby reached her target of 10st 5 ½ lbs last August, and said: “I'm much more active and have a much healthier diet. I feel my life is more under control."

WW coach Kim Dickinson says: “I’m so proud of both Vanessa and Ruby. Being part of their total lifestyle change has been emotional at times and it's fabulously rewarding to see them so much happier and healthier."

Kim’s classes meet at Haworth's West lane Baptist Church every Tuesday at 6pm and on Wednesdays at 10am.