A STREET party-style event will be held in Keighley designed to bring together the town’s different communities.

The exact location of the festivities has still to be confirmed, but they will take place over the weekend of June 21 to 23.

The occasion, called The Great Get Together, is being organised by the office of MP John Grogan and by Keighley Town Council.

It is part of a national concept developed by Kim Leadbeater, sister of murdered Yorkshire MP Jo Cox, as part of the Jo Cox Foundation.

Town councillor Anayat Mohammad said: “There’s a great deal of despondency in the country because of Brexit, divided communities and tragedies such as the Christchurch shootings.

“I believe we need to do all we can to lift the gloom. Keighley is more united than people think and it’s our duty to facilitate opportunities for folk to come together and share what we have in common.

"There's a great sense of belonging in Keighley. Sure, there are challenges but what town or society doesn't have challenges?

"Since last year the town council has been working to bring our communities together, and we've had the Integrated Keighley conference led by our MP John Grogan in January.

"Personally, I believe passionately in bringing together communities because it promotes understanding and wellbeing.

"That's why events such as this Great Get Together are important, and by having the town council and our MP involved we can make it a big occasion which will appeal to the whole of Keighley."

Cllr Mohammad called for individuals and groups interested in supporting The Great Get Together to contact Pip Gibson at pipgibsoncdw@hotmail.co.uk