A COUNSELLING service backed by Keighley Town Council is highlighting the support it can offer people.

Aire, Wharfe and Craven Counselling has recently moved to new offices in Cavendish Street. It is receiving £10,000 a year for three years from the town council.

Originally developed as part of Keighley Women’s Centre, the organisation has continued under the previous names of Versa and Aire Valley Counselling.

Clinical lead Davida Lumsden said: "We want to work with agencies who have the community's needs at the heart of their organisations.

"We're an open door service and a 'Charitable Incorporated Organisation', a new type of charity offering straightforward, robust governance and accountability.

"Offering free – at the point of delivery – and subsidised therapy, we believe everyone has the right to access time-appropriate counselling in a safe, local environment.

"Our affordable counselling contributes to improving the mental health and wellbeing of the diverse communities that make up the Aire and Wharfe Valleys and Craven district."

The service has a skilled team of counselling associates who address issues including current or past abuse, anger management, depression, stress, mental ill health, anxiety, trauma and post traumatic stress disorder.

They also help people who have panic attacks, low confidence or self-esteem, and tackle self-harm, relationship difficulties, work related problems, and other distressing conditions such as medically unexplained symptoms.

Ms Lumsden said: "We're delighted Keighley Town Council has awarded us a significant grant which will enable us to specifically work with local people.

"It will help us continue to grow and meet the needs of individuals struggling with the impact of life's stresses."

People can call 01535 288335 to contact Aire, Wharfe and Craven Counselling.