A KEIGHLEY manufacturer is switched on when it comes to making music.

It has recruited guitarist Jason Boardman to spread the word about its specialist products for guitarists.

Switch designer and manufacturer NSF Controls is building on its Free-Way range of toggle and blade switches aimed at delivering vast tonal sensibility from a single control.

The six-position toggle switch allows the musician to select any of the pickup settings on an electric guitar.

The initial success of the latest products has allowed NSF Controls to expand the Free-Way range.

As a result the company wanted to recruit someone who knew the industry inside out – and found guitarist and lead vocalist Jason.

A company spokesman said: “Jason is best positioned to spread the word about this revolutionary guitar product and promote the music division, through his extensive contacts in the music business.

“He has become a complimentary addition to the team - bringing his passion for music and guitar knowledge to the forefront.”

Jason first picked up a guitar when he was five, beginning playing immediately, and he went on to gain a degree in music.

He has also toured the globe with various bands at mainstream festivals, before taking charge of Free-Way sales and the forthcoming NSF music division.

Jason said: “I was excited to introduce Free-Way switches and all future products into the mass market, whilst establishing the music division as a household name within the industry.”

Early last year NSF Controls launched three new products which can be fitted to an electric guitar, to build on the existing success of its Free-Way toggle switch.

The company has been working with the music industry for years, and the Free-Way products – which can be fitted at the manufacture stage or retrospectively –revolutionised the tonal flexibility of guitars.