PEOPLE with asthma are being offered extra support in Keighley.

On World Asthma Day – May 7 – respiratory nurses from Airedale NHS Foundation Trust will be at Keighley's Morrison’s Supermarket from 1pm to 6.30pm.

They will provide advice, check asthma control and inhaler technique for adult asthmatic patients and remind people how important it is to have an asthma plan.

Asthma affects about 5.4 million people in the UK. They have sensitive airways which react badly when they come into contact with a potential irritant.

These reactions cause airways to become narrower and irritated, leading to symptoms, such as chest tightness, wheezing, or coughing.

Colette Scully, community respiratory nurse specialist, said: “Sadly people are still dying every year because sufferers do not use their inhaler as prescribed or attend their annual asthma review at their GP practice.

"Having an asthma plan saves lives. So if people don’t have one, we recommend they see their practice nurse who can formulate a plan for them."

She said anyone with asthma who is waking earlier than normal, has a cough during the day or night or is relying on their blue (salbutamol) reliever inhaler up to three times per week does not have good control of their condition, so should see their practice nurse.

Ms Scully added: “Patients should take their preventer inhaler every day as prescribed, even if they don’t have symptoms. The medication builds up to offer protection.

"Patients can also see their pharmacist for a discussion on the best affordable way to pay for medication." For further information visit