A PERFORMANCE camp in Cross Hills for budding young TV and stage actors proved a mash hit.

Youngsters from Expressions Drama classes in Cross Hills, Skipton and Eldwick came together for the Movie Mashup sessions South Craven School.

The camp consisted of four days of fun, games, script reading, acting for stage and TV, and improvisation.

At the end of the fourth day the students performed a showcase for their family members, including scenes from a wide range of movies.

Expressions Drama is part of Northern Talent Casting Agency that provides talent to television and stage across the north.

Rachael Delaney, who runs the school, said the agency worked with many local productions providing talent of all ages.

She said: “We have just finished providing supporting artists and actors for the Channel 4 series Ackley Bridge, and as a thank you the production company sent actors Rob James Collier and Nohail Mohammed from series three to spend the morning with the students on the Easter camp.

“The students were overwhelmed with their visit and asked many questions. This was a great experience for the students to meet professional actors and gained an insight to working in the industry.”

Expressions Drama will run a free trial in Eldwick and Cross Hills on Thursday to Saturday, May 9, 10 and 11.

Visit expressionsdrama.co.uk for further information.