THE BRONTES drop into Bingley this month for an evening of drama, poetry and prose.

Round The Kitchen Table is a tribute to the Brontes celebrating the 200th anniversary of the siblings’ births.

Round The Kitchen Table will be performed on May 25 and 26 at 7.30pm in the Studio Upstairs, part of Bingley Arts Centre.

Centrepiece of the evening will be a one-act play entitled Branwell, written by Bettine Manktelow, and there will also be poetry and extracts from Charlotte, Emily and Anne’s novels.

Jan Darnbrough and Rosemary Grainger, leading members of Bingley Little Theatre, are directing the evening’s entertainment.

The cast includes Joanne Milnes, Kate Hames and Tracy Littlewood as Anne, Emily and Charlotte Bronte.

A spokesman said: “To celebrate their lives and achievements, the Studio at Bingley Little Theatre will present a varied evening including poetry and acted rehearsed readings from their most famous novels: Jane Eyre, Withering Heights and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.”

“The play Branwell gives us a snapshot into the family’s Victorian existence, but centres particularly on the only brother, Patrick Branwell Bronte.

“His life was marred by the deaths of two other siblings, his love for a married woman and excessive drinking, and yet he was a talented poet and painter.

“He did not write a novel, but he was the inspiration behind the literary creativity of his three sisters.”

The cast includes new members of Bingley Little Theatre alongside its more experienced actors, plus members of the BLT youth section Kaleidoscope.

Visit or call 01274567983 to book tickets.

Since 2016 the Brontë Society has been leading celebrations of the 200th anniversaries of the births of the Bronte siblings.