KEIGHLEY band The Marble Arches will this Friday release their new double-A side single This Is What Ignorance Does.

The release will consist of the songs Look At Me When I Talk and Put Your Hands Against The Wall.

The single will be officially launched with a performance at the Lending Room, above leading Leeds gig venue The Library, on Friday May 31.

Visit visit Crash Records in Leeds to buy tickets costing £6.

The single will be available to hear at by searching for The Marble Arches.

In March last year young Cross Hills singer and musician Harry Wainwright Little gathered the current incarnation of The Marble Arches at their Boiler Room HQ to plan their second release.

The band, the musicians from the Leeds/Bradford area, was formed in 2014 as a creative outlet for the music Harry was making, which eventually evolved into a larger project in late 2017.

The band now performs as a power trio, with Paul Brown on bass and Will Long on drums.

A spokesman said: “Working in the dark, the band has been delivering music almost out of nowhere, in a place long forgotten, all while trying to cut out the nonsense.

“They bonded over a journey cross-country gigging off the back of their debut EP Under The Marble Arches, with airplay on BBC Introducing in York and West Yorkshire.

“The band played sets in London at the Alleycat, Denmark Street, formerly the fabled Regent Sound Studios, and the Islington, as well as hometown shows across Leeds/Bradford.

“The BBC commented on their output: ‘If this is anything to go by, Under The Marble Arches is going to be epic’.

“The band built a strong connection with each others’ musical understanding, taking what was in Harry’s head and adapting it to the sound of a three-piece powerhouse of Leeds’ finest musicians and misfits.

“Enlisting the help of the wildly experimental Snowflake-inc as producer, the band set to work, drawn into cabin fever for a week’s recording.

“They came out the other side with two mammoth tracks that jar across The Marble Arches’ tonal soundscape yet meet harmoniously together under one phrase - This Is What Ignorance Does.

“On May 31 expect a show that will touch, shock and explode with loud noises, slick melodies and deep bass in the most gratifying way.”

The band’s notes on their two new songs:

Look At Me When I Talk

“Described by the band as ‘a coliseum gargantuan monster of a record, its impact will make you see red and hit you like a bulldozer. Expect the swirling intro being the sound that alights crowds at every show the band play. The song was developed out of initial jams from live shows around the release of the band’s debut EP, in the knowledge that it could form a standalone track. Look At Me When I Talk was born, a staunch, powerful reminder for when you face those who have wronged you.

Put Your Hands Against The Wall

Written at 3 in the morning, the song builds from the quietness of the guitar at night with the sound of wind whistling through the ether of the songs belly, before the groove it’s down with melancholic chord patterns, bracing impact for the songs powerful message. Harry comments: “Put Your Hands Against The Wall is a phrase that can be reinterpreted the world over, in both a personal and wider social sense, this is an attempt for me to explore its ideology, be it for the purpose of power, persecution, seduction, liberation and everything in between, I wanted the music to reflect the phrases dark correlations, building the track toward a crescendo that brought about its optimism, this song is arguably our greatest achievement yet.” The song sears from a slow burn, with intricate guitar work pocketed tight by drum and bass toward a solo that drops you off the top of a cliff before settling back to the crevasse it came from.”

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