CLIFFE Castle Museum is hosting Ilkley Camera Club’s annual exhibition of photography. The display, which runs until July 14, features pictures by members of one of Yorkshire’s most successful photographic clubs.

On show are 120 high-quality printed photographs on subjects ranging from wildlife, landscapes and architecture to portraits, street scenes and creative images. Exhibitors include Len Downes, Keith Allen and Sarah James.

Accompanying the exhibition is a talk on May 25 entitled ‘Sharpened: understanding focusing photography’.

A spokesman said: “How do you get everything in your photos sharp from the foreground to the far distance? How can you deliberately blur things? This talk by Peter Farmer will explain how to vary your focus and decide what focal points you want.”

The club will also offer talks entitled ‘Inspire Yourself with a Photo Project: bird photography’ on June 1, ‘All in the Mind: blending photos for creative results’ on June 15, and ‘Decisions - means to an end: a look at the critical choices’ on June 22.

The spokesman said: “Have you got all of the gear but lost your way? Inspire Yourself shows how you can combine your photography with other hobbies, interests or passions to develop projects and unlock your mojo.

“All in the Mind will introduce you to the wonderful world of creative results. Decisions tries to guide you through a maze – images that have an impact and touch the emotions depend on critical factors including location, timing, composition, exposure, lighting and focus.”

The talks are free, but booking is advised. Call 01535 618231 or email