AN ECLECTIC trio of artists will present a fusion of Sufi folk and Indian classical music in Bradford. The Kala Sangam arts centre will host a “stunning” performance by Ruhaani on Saturday June 1 at 7.30pm.

The musicians will explore the threads that connect Sufi folk music traditions with both North and South Indian classical music, drawing on the sacred song forms of Qawaali, Nasheeds and Nath.

Trained under some of the greatest maestros of Carnatic music in India, Vijay Venkat is known for his exceptional talent with the flute, violin and the vichitra veena (an ancient Indian fret-less slide instrument).

Manchester based Sarah Yaseen’s soulful voice lends itself to spiritually inspiring performances that reflect her passion for the preservation of Sufi poetry.

World-Musician-in-Residence at the University of Sheffield, John Ball is a dedicated performer and teacher of North Indian music specialising in the tabla and santoor.

Vijay said: “Ruhaani are glad to be performing at Kala Sangam, one of the best venues for dance and music, in the heart of Bradford.”

Alex Croft, Creative Director of Kala Sangam, said: “We’ve been lucky enough to have packed houses recently for Qawaali, jazz and Indian Classical music, and I think all these audiences will love Ruhaani.

Visit or call 01274 303340 to book tickets.