START your walk from the village centre.

From the village centre fountain, take a corner gap between cottages, and a firm path drops to bridge the Nidd.

Cross onto a road, straight over and on to the bend of another road.

Go briefly right then fork left to bridge How Stean Beck.

Cross and turn left to Studfold Farm.

Turn right up the steep, rough road to cottages, after which take a walled track left.

This runs on to cross Blayshaw Gill’s ravine.

Into a field the track climbs to High Blayshaw Farm, but advance just as far as a barn, then head straight along a faint track to a stile/gate combination repeated in fields ahead.

The way rises slightly, passing a barn to soon run as a firmer track towards West House Farm.

Before it the path is deflected left, using stiles between houses.

Resume on a track heading away, down to the valley.

Across a streamlet the way swings up to a gate and along a field bottom: by now just as a grassy way.

After one further gate, with the river nearby, merge into an access track that leads unfailingly into Ramsgill through a farmyard.

Turn left on the road out of the village, then over the bridge immediately right to Bouthwaite.

The surfaced road ends at a junction in the hamlet.

A few strides further an enclosed track bears left between cottages into a farmyard.

From a gate at the end cross a farm bridge, then bear right to a gate beyond a stile.

An old way ascends the woodside, but at the top keep left with the wall, away from the wood.

A faint path sets a direct course for Longside Farm, several fields ahead.

From a gate before the house, a thin path slants right to a gate in front of a plantation.

Turn left down a grassy track, merging with one from the house to run to a gateway. Bear right up another grass track towards Longside House.

Passing between its rear and the trees, a path runs to the far end of the wood bottom. Cross a pasture to a bottom corner gate, then drop to a gate below.

A track slants down to a stile/gate in the corner below, then out to the road. Cross to a gate opposite and resume.

In the second field bear right to a wall-stile, then continue to one just across the corner.

Bear left to a gap between wall and trees at an old quarry, and a track runs the final strides to a stile onto the road.

Go 250 yards left to Nidd Heads, and leave directly above on a path rising to a stile into a field.

Cross to a wall-stile, and on a field bottom to a gateway.

Part way along the next field make use of a wall-stile and cross the last field to a stile back to the village.

This walk is found in Paul’s book ‘Walking in Yorkshire – Nidderdale & Ripon’ (£4.99)