ACCORDION players from Cross Hills took on the best of Europe in a national competition.

Students from the Craven School of Music again triumphed at the UK Accordion Championships at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool.

Local competitors included those who qualified during the North Central Area competition – hosted by the Craven school – in Skipton last November.

Harry Hinchcliffe, who runs the school, said: “The UK event saw participants from Ireland and Scotland as well as France, Switzerland and Portugal. Our local representation was very successful.”

Young students from the Craven School of Music celebrated their success in the national championships by visiting Drystone Radio studios in Skipton.

The youngsters, Maisie Howarth, Will Snowden, Connie MacGuinn, Joseph Lewis and Isabelle Amourdedeu, performed live on the Steve Brown Breakfast Show.

Local results: higher elementary solo, 1 Ari Davies; elementary solo ,3 Isabella Smith; preparatory solo, 2 Sam Craig, 3 Jenny Dobson; preliminary solo, 1 Olivia Pickup, 2 Will Snowden, 3 Tom Howells; introductory solo, 1 Isabelle Amourdedeu, 2 Joseph Smith, 3 Connie McQuinn; Polka classes, 14 & under, 2 Henry Moynes; 12 & under, 3 Tilly Chenery; 10 & under, 3 Olivia Pickup; 8 & under, 3 Maisie Haworth; Musette classes, 15 & under, 3 Louisa Bullock; 13 & under, 2 Isabella Smith; 11 & under, 3 Jenny Dobson; nine & under, 2 Will Snowden, 3 Ben Lawson; intermediate duet, 2 Honey Kaup Samuels & Louisa Bullock; higher preparatory, 2 Mollie & Maisie Haworth, intermediate group, 1 Craven Accordion Orchestra (CAO) Intermediate Group; elementary group, elementary group, 1 Settle Juniors; entertainment bronze, TNG; junior composers, 1 Tallulah Williams.