SHEILA Hancock plays an 83-year-old woman who climbs a Scottish mountain in the latest film to be screened in Glusburn.

Edie will be shown at Glusburn Institute Community and Arts Centre on Friday, June 7 at 7.30pm.

Hancock plays a woman who was encouraged to her father to follow her dreams, but ended up with a traditional husband who controlled her.

It is only when George dies following a stroke that Edie feels free to follow her destiny, but she still has the obstacle of daughter Nancy who wants to put her in a retirement home.

Following her husband’s death, Edie finally feels able to follow her destiny.

On impulse she sets off to climb Suilven in the Highlands, hitchhiking across Scotland and enlisting a young outdoor expert to help her on the climb.

This odd couple balance what they have to offer the relationship by Edie encouraging Jonny to become less selfish while she learns to ride a bike and is introduced to cider.

As they get to know each other better, they start to share more details of their lives and this fuels her determination to overcome the mountainous challenges.

When Edie was screened last year at Keighley Film Club, club spokesman Alan Watkinson said the movie gave the message that it was never too late for your dreams.

He said: “Edie will strike a chord with anyone who has had to sacrifice themselves or put their own life on hold while caring for others.

“Sweeping panoramic views of the isolated Scottish Highlands highlight the human frailty of outdoor activities against nature’s challenges.

“In real life, Hancock admitted that she had to prepare herself for the fitness challenge by spending six weeks in the gym and getting properly equipped for all the weather Scotland can offer.”

Visit or call 01535 630223 to book tickets.