A HARD-hitting drama set during a modern war can be seen at the Picture House this month.

Keighley Film Club is presenting A Private War, a biographical film based on a Vanity Fair article about the extraordinary life of Sunday Times journalist Maria Colvin.

Colvin, twice named British Foreign Journalist of the Year, is portrayed on screen by Rosamund Pike following her roles in Gone Girl and A United Kingdom.

The story starts with Colvin losing an eye in Sri Lanka, then going on to cover assignments in Afganistan and Libya before the traumas of Fallujah and Homs.

Film Club spokesman Alan Watkinson said: “The film focuses throughout on the plight of terrorised civilians coping with a lack of food and medical care in war zones.

“It gives a human perspective on their suffering and is a powerful voice to such innocent victims of conflict. Authenticity to the tale is also provided by the use of Syrian refugees as extras reporting on real tragedies.

“Pike gives a gutsy performance that convincingly reflects Colvin’s desire to provide the truth about the relentless attacks the civilians faced, and she was able to capture Colvin’s determination to continually risk her own life

“She was equally at home sipping martinis with the London elite or confronting brutal dictators.”

Alan said Colvin had a rebellious spirit but the constant stress of her job made her suffer, and as she tried to cope with PTSD her life started to unravel.

Alan added: “Colvin’s tough, impenetrable character is balanced by Conroy’s sympathetic support as war photographer. The film gives no answers as to why Colvin persisted with such risk.

A Private War will be screened on Sunday June 16 at 6pm at the Picture House in North Street, Keighley. Doors will open at 5.35pm. Non-members are welcome to watch the film along with members.