GIFTS have been donated to disabled youngsters at Clockhouse in Keighley as part of Eid celebrations.

Members of the town’s Muhammadi Masjid and Al Hikmah Project made the kind-hearted gesture as part of a tradition at the end of Ramadan.

They visited Clockhouse, a respite unit for young people with disabilities and complex health needs, as part of their outreach project.

Al Hikmah spokesman Shohab Ali said: “The masjid and its congregation wanted to share these gifts with children and staff. We gave 50 boxed gifts for both girls and boys with a special focus on children with special Educational Needs.

“These gifts were shared with all faiths so they could all experience what it feels like for Muslim children on Eid.”

Mr Ali said the gift sharing was an opportunity for the community to raise awareness regarding the celebration of Eid.

He added: “Eid isn't just about new clothes and a range of food, but is an opportunity to share gifts with each other and raise awareness of this noble celebration with others from different faiths and backgrounds.

“We are planning on doing further work with Airedale Hospital and other local centres in the coming months.”