A CHARITY has visited schools in Keighley and across the region to spread the message about staying safe.

In the current academic year, NSPCC volunteers have so far been to 158 primary schools and spoken to nearly 42,000 pupils.

The Speak Out, Stay Safe initiative is designed to help children understand about different types of abuse and neglect so they can get help if they need it.

There are two different assemblies – one aimed at younger children in Key Stage One, and the other geared towards older Key Stage Two pupils.

“The assemblies help children to identify a trusted adult they can speak to if they are ever worried about themselves or a friend,” said Michelle Poucher, area co-ordinator for the NSPCC schools service.

“Children who suffer abuse often don’t recognise that what is happening to them is wrong, so it is hugely important we reach as many youngsters as possible to help protect them from all forms of abuse.”

She also stresses the need for funding, and a mum-of-two – Victoria Boselli – is tackling a gruelling 25-kilometre Peak District Challenge to coin-in cash. To support her, visit justgiving.com/fundraising/victoria-boselli.