By David Porter, Financial Planning Consultant, Armstrong Watson

MOST people invest their savings to generate a source of income and/or capital growth for the future.

This could be for a number of reasons such as ensuring you enjoy your retirement, creating a legacy for your family or investing for your children’s future.

Many people seek the help of a financial adviser who, using their expertise, will sit down with you and construct a portfolio which is based around your personal objectives, assess the risk you are prepared to take to achieve the returns you are aiming for, when you want to use the money and your tax position, both now and in the future.

We consider it of the utmost importance for most clients to review their strategy once it has been implemented to make sure that it remains suitable. Reviews are an opportunity to make any changes that are necessary to ensure that your plans remain on track. This is also the time to review any changes in your personal circumstances, your investment objectives taking in to account your current attitude to risk, and any changes in legislation - which may impact on your previously agreed goals. If you are employing a financial adviser then this is also your opportunity to ask questions. It’s a two way process and, after all, it is your money.

These reviews should take place at least annually. If these don’t take place regularly then your portfolio could drift, which could mean that the portfolio assets/funds could carry a higher or lower risk. Too much or too little risk can compromise your investments meaning you don’t get the outcome you wanted. Regular rebalancing will mean you are more likely to achieve your goals. The longer it is left the worse the position may become.

If you have not reviewed your portfolio in the last 12 months or longer we can offer an initial review with our compliments. Give me a call on 01756 620000 or email to arrange a review.