NOTORIOUS novelist Colette is the focus of the latest Keighley Film Club presentation.

Colette is the title of the period biopic drama portraying the woman’s early life and struggle against a male-dominated society.

Keira Knightley plays the title role while Dominic West is her domineering husband Willy, in a film that gained four awards including BIFA’s Best Supporting Actor.

Club spokesman Alan Watkinson said: “Financial, economic and sexual constraints practised in European society as experienced by women were being challenged by novelists such as Sidonie Gabrielle Colette by the 1900s.

“After seducing Colette in rural France, Willy marries her and whisks her off to Parisian society; he quickly realises he can use her skills to contribute to his publishing income instead of expensive alternatives.

“She provides the raw material for three novels that become bestsellers but are published in his name, which she starts to question.

“She takes advantage of her increasing fame and recognition in society by having affairs with a debutante and her husband, and she creates a scandal performing at the Moulin Rouge.”

After Willy sells the book rights, Colette leaves him. Using her new relationships as source material, she writes novels that challenge conventional roles, justifying infidelity as a means of finding herself through bisexual behaviour.

Reviews carried quotes such as “the best period drama of 2018”, “Knightley’s best” and “Colette dazzles”.

Rotten Tomatoes gave the film 87%, calling it an “entertaining biopic and overdue testament to Knightley’s under rated gifts”.

Colette is screened at Picture House, North Street, Keighley, at 6pm on Sunday, July 21. Doors open at 5.35pm.