MOLLY Sarlè will combine West Coast incantations with a warm Appalachian glow as she plays the Hyde Park Book Club in Leeds on September 3.

She released her debut single Human in January, earning praise from the Sunday Times and leading music websites.

Sarlé, one third of the group Mountain Man, went on to create album Karaoke Angel, written and recorded over three years as she lived in a cliffside trailer in Big Sur.

She spent part of the time in a monastery before returning home to Durham, North Carolina, finally settling into a church-turned-recording studio in Woodstock.

Sarlé is said to combine the West Coast and Appalachian worlds in her music, creating open-hearted, unflinching songwriting equally appropriate for late-night karaoke comedowns, plaintive morning walks and conjuring the spirit world.

Latest single This Close has been described as a propulsive, haunting highlight of the debut album Karaoke Angel, due out this autumn via Partisan Records, and tells the story about falling in love with a karaoke singer in Big Sur.

Sarlé said: “I wrote This Close about falling in love with someone while I was living in Big Sur.

“Specifically this was about the ways we look to be loved by one another, the ways we try to satisfy our longing, the ways we tell each other we understand each other, and the ways our desire to be loved can play out in addictive behaviour.

“Living up in those mountains, I felt like spirits were living in the landscape. That’s what I think about when I listen to this song.”