KEIGHLEY poet Bernie-the-Bolt has launched a monthly spoken word poetry night in Haworth.

She is welcoming writers who wish to perform their poems as well as other creative people who want an outlet for their work.

Bernie, real name Bernadette O’Horo, established herself as a poet writing about issues like homelessness, AIDS, immigration, politics, bullying and homophobia.

She said: “I use my poetry to challenge people’s perceptions and break down barriers. I encourage people to use writing as a therapy.”

High Five - Spoken Word runs on the last Wednesday of every month from 6.30pm to 9pm at the Industry Barista Lifestyle Lounge.

She said: “There’s an open mic session for poets to perform their work, and I also have a guest poet/headline act who is usually quite well-known on the poetry scene.

“Guest poets get £10 towards their travel, a free drink and of course any donations from the pay-as-you-feel contributions.

“I’m also looking for musicians and anyone that has a general love of the arts, such as graphic design, videography and photography.

“I’m passionate about bringing people from different cultures, backgrounds and skill sets together and giving them a creative outlet to share their talents.”

Bernie started the night because she felt there was a need for such a regular event on the local poetry scene, at the heart of the community.

High Five is on July 31 at 6.30pm with guest poet Ian Whiteley, supported by three local poets, a limerick challenge and a raffle. The Poet of the Month will be awarded a signed certificate and a £5 to spend on stationary.

Visit the BernietheBolt88 Page on Facebook for further information on High Five.