POLICE are warning householders to be on their guard after a rise in sneak-in burglaries in the Keighley area.

Criminals have targeted homes where windows have been left open.

Now officers are advising residents to take simple steps to help deter the thieves.

“We have seen a small increase in sneak-in burglaries in the Keighley area over the past few weeks,” said a police spokesman.

“The weather has been warmer, which usually sees an increase in windows being left open and doors left unlocked – and burglars take advantage of that.

“Crime prevention doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Taking simple measures such as locking your doors and windows, not leaving valuables on display and using your alarm if you have one can significantly reduce your chances of becoming a victim.”

Other advice includes always remove the key from your front or back door and keep it in a safe place – do not leave keys in reach of the letterbox or a cat flap, or on view through a window.

Make sure other items such as car keys, laptops, tablets, phones and cash cannot be seen through a window.

Do not leave power cables or charger units for laptops and tablets plugged in and on show. And if you have a burglar alarm, always switch it on when you leave the house or go to bed.

For more information and advice, visit westyorkshire.police.uk/burglary.